What is knowmoto?

knowmoto is a unique social location app that helps connects you and your car/truck/motorcycle with automotive enthusiasts.

LOCATE LIVE – Never miss another cruise-in! Get LIVE location alerts for your favorite makes and models near you!

MAP Your Favorites – Set filters at car shows to find and track down rides that interest you the most.

AWARD Trophies – Like what you see? Take pics of rides, tag them and give them a prize.

MAKE’em DROOL – Share details of your ride. What’s in your garage? Give other enthusiasts a peek – share pics and mods with the knowmoto community!

Get the App & join the knowmoto community and socialize your ride!

How does it work?

The knowmoto app communicates with our proximity beacon that is placed in or on a vehicle that is at a show or event. This combination allows the knowmoto app to confirm that the vehicle and beacon are together. Other knowmoto app users will then be able to locate and interact with the vehicle.

What does it cost?

The knowmoto app is free to use.  Users that wish to add vehicles and be ‘Live’ on knowmoto are required to purchase a beacon.  See more here.


  • Locate vehicles at events
  • Get vehicle details and photos
  • Favorite and award trophy points
  • Take and tag pictures to a vehicle
  • Get geo alerts of favorite models
  • Share on social networks
Vehicle Owners
  • Allow spectators and friends to find your ride
  • Add vehicles, details and photos
  • Create a following and earn trophies
  • Get show exposure and history
  • Promote sponsors
  • Share on social networks



  • Live vehicle status
  • Featured vehicles
  • Owner and spectators latest photos
  • Personalized to your model and make interests
  • Set location
  • Go ‘Live’


  • Find vehicles by make and model
  • Find photos by make and model
  • Set alerts for near Live vehicles
  • Search for features and modifications
  • Search for users
  • Filter by color, keyword, sponsor


  • View all ‘Live’ vehicles
  • Locate followed vehicles
  • Filter by make, model, color, keywords, sponsors

Add Photos

  • Take and upload photos at an event or at home
  • Attach them to vehicles
  • Set the location where taken
  • Share on social media


Vehicle Details

  • View gallery
  • View wall
  • View features and modifications
  • View sponsors
  • Follow vehicle
  • See ‘Live’ status
  • Award a ‘Trophy’ when nearby


  • A followed vehicle goes ‘Live’ inside 30 miles
  • A followed make or model goes ‘Live’ inside 30 miles
  • Your vehicle was tagged with a photo
  • Approve or ignore tagged photos


  • Modify profile
  • Add or remove beacons
  • Add or edit vehicle and details
  • Assign beacons to vehicles
  • Edit tagged photos
  • Delete your posts
  • Edit and view follows, trophies and alerts
  • Share on social media


  • Get updates from the knowmoto team