knowmoto Version 1.2 Released

knowmoto v1.2

We are pleased to announce the release of knowmoto version 1.2. After some great feedback from our current users, we were able to improve the app from its initial concept and release.  With the entire premise of knowmoto being built to ‘socialize your ride’, we have now made it even easier for anyone to join knowmoto and take advantage of the many features built into the app.  

What’s New in version 1.2!

  • Create your first vehicle without a knowmoto beacon needed
  • See when a check-in will expire so you don’t miss out
  • New phone maps integration so you can navigate to a check-in, show or event
  • Faster image loading from the edge
  • Pop-up and system alerts when your check-in ends
  • More responsive maps 
  • Various other bug fixes
  • A knowmoto beacon is still required for additional features

knowmoto Features

  • Add vehicles, their features, modifications, a photo gallery and even sponsors
  • Post photos of your vehicles and pin other’s photos of your ride to your wall
  • Share vehicles and photo posts on social networks
  • Check-In at club meetups, car shows and ‘cars and coffee’ type events
  • Allow spectators and friends to locate your ride at your check-in location
  • Favorite, Like and award Trophy points
  • Take and upload photos, then tag them to a vehicle and location
  • Follow makes and models to get alerts when they check-in in your area
  • Earn trophy points and sponsors when using a knowmoto beacon

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